Friday, February 12, 2016

Behold the Power of Video

So let's say you've given the students free reign to demonstrate that they really do understand the material in whatever way they wish, whether it's a project, a pamphlet, a thoroughly-explained sample problem...whatever.  You're not really sure what the kids will come up with, because you haven't given them concrete examples or a whole lot of direction in terms of what the end-product is supposed to look like.  The only requirement is for them to convince you that they "get it".

And they come up with this. Behold the power of video.

Is there any doubt that this kid understands how to create a sine/cosine function to model a situation?  She struggled a bit when this was on the checkpoint in class, but one week later this video shows up.  And it has been obvious in the discussions since that she understands this really well now.

So, how is the whole "focus on the content and not on the grades thing" going?  Do you even have to ask?

Ask the kids to learn the material and to demonstrate that they have.  Then, prepare to be impressed.

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  1. Good stuff Jonothon. I didn't understand a thing she was talking about, but she seemed to. Did you give the problem or did they develop it on their own?