Saturday, September 14, 2013

In Their Own Words...

Each week, I have the students complete a self-assessment, in which I ask them to be honest with me regarding their effort for the week with the homework and in the discussions, the group dynamic, and anything else they feel the need to share.  Here is a representative sample of the comments I received in the "anything else" section this week:

"I feel like from this class, I've understood so many more math concepts on a deeper level than I did previously. I think the past couple of years it was mainly focused on just applying equations or certain steps, but with this method, I can actually think through the problem logically without having to rely on just the equations."

"Throughout the class I have improved my math skills by observing other students' work and comparing it to mine. This helped me to solve problems overall, which before this class seemed to be a weakness for me rather than a developing strength. I am having a great experience in learning math in a new way that brings together problem solving, communication, and collaboration."

"I find that each person tackles a problem differently, or is able to complete different questions in a homework assignment. I think it's cool that each person can contribute in a different way at school because of how they interpreted the homework assignments."

"I think the class structure is VERY well thought out, and it's working very well for me. I retain the concepts much better this way, and the class is actually fun."

"Everyone is positive and supportive of each other, it's always a good atmosphere."

We're in good shape so far.

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