Thursday, November 1, 2012

Too Good...

Just really needed to share what happened in class yesterday.  I'm still not used to how well Harkness works without me giving a detailed lecture.

First, here is the worksheet for yesterday's discussion:

This is the first worksheet of the final unit of the trimester.  No, they have not had anything about derivatives, Riemann sums, or partial fractions in class.  And yet, this is what happened:

Every group was able to estimate the area under the curve in #5, an every group came to the conclusion that in order to write the sum using "sigma notation", a choice needed to be made about "which end of the base" (left or right) to use to calculate the height of the rectangles.  Every group was able to find the partial fraction decomposition in #6.

When the students actually do the prep work and actively participate in the discussions, this is what happens.

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